My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

Day 6

My inner yuppie got excited by the mention of brunch.  Mind you, we were already served our typical breakfast this morning consisting of a heaping handful of bran flakes, 2 cartons of 2% milk, half of a rapidly browning apple, and a rather bland pound cake.  However, I was just informed that on Sundays, for lunch, we are served…brunch.

Immediately, my mind conjured spicy bloodies and spanish frittatas, and was quickly disappointed by the arrival of a cold, dried sausage puck, a thin brick of fake eggs, and some undercooked potatoes.  When inRome…

After quickly devouring “The Narrows” last night, by Michael Connelly, I set in to conquer the true crime memoir “Hollywood Kryptonite” by Sam Kushner and Nancy Shoenberger.  Hot damn, was I in for a treat…this was the true story of the small screen’s first Superman, George Reeves, and his struggles with an obsessive mother, alcoholism, the mob, big studio tyrants, depression, young socialites, sugar mammas, a case of being severly typecast, and ultimately his untimely death.  Was it really suicide?  Or was it murder?  I quickly read this from cover to cover and I would gladly read it again.  Very thoughtful and well-written.  Do you remember that well-reviewed film that came out a few years ago called “Hollywoodland” with Ben Affleck and, I think,Diane Lane?  I believe that movie was based on this story, which I would love to watch again at some point.

And most importantly, the Chicago Bulls rout the Miami Heat by twenty some points.


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