My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

Day 10

I wish my celly came with subtitles.  He’s like the black Nell…and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Nell Carter.  Even the brothers have to ask him to repeat himself…3 times.  He jabbers with a mouth full of marbles and rarely uses a conjunction.  The most discernible phrase that I’ve heard him speak all morning has been the same one he has repeated at least half a dozen times in the last hour — “THIS SHIT CRAZY.”  To which, I can only reply with so many “mmm, hmmss” until I reach my breaking point where I really want to say, “This shit AIN’T crazy…it’s fucking retarded.  Now shut the hell up.”

The “shit” that he is referring to that is “crazy” is the lockdown/food strike or whatever the hell is going down in the compound.  Apparently, nothing like this has ever happened at this particular facility.  But what he found even MORE crazy, was that the vast majority of degenerates being locked up in the SHU due to the aftermath of the strike just happened to come from his own unit…Unit D.  I guess the apples don’t fall far from the cell block, huh?

The biggest disappointment of today was the cancellation of my commissary order as a direct result of the lockdown…which means: no stamps, no radio, no hygiene products.  Oh well…once you’ve waited so long for something, a few extra days don’t mean much.


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