My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

Day 9

This morning, I had asked my celly what he plans do to when he gets out of here.  And I didn’t mean the immediate “here,” as in the SHU.  I meant prison…and I had intended the question to be understood in a much larger way…future plans, goals, etc.

His response?  “Buy me some ho’s.”

Anyway, it seemed like a good deal went down today.  We were served cheeseburgers and fries and it was probably the best meal that I’ve had here yet.  My celly had his disciplinary issue resolved and should be getting out of here in the next day or two.

And then it got really interesting…apparently, there was a food strike on the compound (at first it was described as a hunger strike, but in actuality, it was just the food workers refusing to come to work in the chow hall).  Their beef?  (no pun)  A new Warden came in here last year who used to preside over a high-security prison and he brought with him some changes that rubbed a few of my compadres the wrong way.  And that leads me to the one issue here that really rubs ME the wrong way…there is this gnawing sense of entitlement amongst quite a few of the inmates regarding how they want to be treated and the ultimate reality of the situation.

Again…this is PRISON.  I am not naive to that fact.  This is not a 5-diamond resort at which certain luxuries are expected.  All that I ask is for my legal rights and civil liberties to be protected.  But the specifics to which led to this strike?  Oh…let’s see, the T.V. rooms are no longer open all night but instead will be closed at 11:30 p.m….and the sleeping quarters will no longer be pitch black at night, but there will be a very soft light illuminating the hallways.  No more microwaves…guess why?  Because some degenerate heated baby oil and threw it in another’s face. (classy)  And these are the issues for which you will take a stand?  The Lieutenant presiding over the SHU had said it best one day…”Here’s an idea…how about, don’t come to prison?”

I also find it humorous that these individuals think that their strategy might pull some weight.  Really?  The Warden will get all nervous and start rescinding all of the rules?  Maybe he will allow all of us weekend passes to Vegas.

So, guess how the Warden handles this?  He locks down the entire compound…meaning, everyone has to stay in their Units until further notice.  This means no recreation, no food service, no commissary, no work, no television, no laundry, no nothing.  Jokes on us, right?  And before you know it, the SHU begins to get really full with all of the troublemakers who started this.

1The unfortunate aspect of all this is that it will very likely affect my timely return to the compound.  Stay tuned.


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