My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

Day 124

Hello all. It’s been awhile, I know.  A couple of updates…I’ve gotten away from my true intentions of writing a DAILY journal and I plan to resume that schedule starting with an epic, super-sized update this Monday, September 12th.  The sporadic appearance of my postings certainly hasn’t been due to a lack of material, but more so a lack of discipline, which I’ve been struggling to reign in.

I’ve also found myself getting distracted by some of my other projects and I plan to streamline this entire process a bit and devote more time to the Journal and less time to my Twitter, Tumblr, etc.  However, many of the features that you found on those sites that you may enjoy (daily menu, shit the inmates say, etc.) will now be featured on here.

Also, in the spirit of making this experience a little more interactive, I would like to start taking and answering reader questions once a month, starting with this post right here.  If you have a question that you would like to see answered on this site, please post a comment on TODAY’S posting.  I will keep this post up for questions through the end of next week.  At that time, my Administrator will forward me all of your questions to be answered by me on a later date.

Please note that this site has been set up to only post comments/questions that have been approved by my Administrator.  However, I have instructed my Administrator to post all comments/questions (whether positive or negative) except for those that may reveal my identity, my location, or my crimes.

Until Monday.  I leave you with a joke:


“Who’s there?”


“9/11, WHO??”




  Evelyn wrote @

Its obvious (to me anyway) that you are an extremely intelligent and educated man. I cant help but wonder if your crime was intentional or if you simply didn’t realize what you were doing was a crime. Either way, you have and are living such a full and complete life. Most people haven’t and won’t experience your insights and or experiences. I suspect you already know this. Enjoy what you have created in your life. You worked hard to be who you are.

  Downward Departure wrote @

Thanks for your very kind words.

  Mark wrote @

Can you send a commissary sheet to be posted so we can see what you guys can buy?

. How important is commissary ? Most popular food item?

I’ve heard people can make up some amazing prison recipes out of commissary and stuff stolen from the kitchen. Have you tried any, best one?

Is the prison doing anything to prepare people to be released and are fellow prisoners really doing anything to try and keep from re offending when they get out?

Have you since you have been thought you were going to have to physically fight?

If you needed medical attention, or found out you had Cancer in prison, do you think they would give you adequate care?


  Downward Departure wrote @

I will look into this and get back to you. thx.

  Evelyn wrote @

My daughter is currently serving state time. In the first letter i sent her i told her to “keep your spirits up, head down, mouth shut and mind open”. Will that advice help or doesn’t it matter?

  Downward Departure wrote @

Sounds like good advice. Best of luck.

  Mike wrote @

You have mentioned a couple of times about avoiding things to avoid getting hurt (e.g.”if you don’t want to get raped don’t do…”) is this a common prison joke? How much do you need to take phyisicsl safetly into account on a daily basis?

  Downward Departure wrote @

Not often

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