My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

Day 134

You’d be amazed at how many dudes are here because of violations to their probation.  Mark my words — once I’m out of here, the system will never see me again.  I’ve made my mistakes, I’m doing my time, and I’m leveraging this experience as an opportunity to improve myself as much as possible.

What’s even more puzzling about these violators is that I’ve recently learned that many of their infractions have been intentional.  Meaning, they had committed these violations for the sole purpose of returning to prison.  Why would they do this?  In the majority of probation violations, the convicts typically exchange their freedom for any additional “paper,” or time under probation. In the minds of some of these guys, they would rather spend their time under the less watchful eye of a prison guard, than on the street having to check in with their probation officer, hold down a job, and keep their piss clean.  Usually, when they are sent back to prison on a violation, they don’t have any additional probation when they are released again, but that can also vary from case to case.

And while some of these guys might be on the streets for a year or two before coming back, I’ve seen guys return with a sheepish grin on their face in less than a week or two.  Look at the rapper T.I. — he was sent back to prison ONE DAY after his release…and this was after he was ALREADY back on a violation after his first bit.


Lunch:  Chicken Patty Sandwich

Dinner:  Sub Sandwich


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