My Daily Journal in Federal Prison

My Rap Sheet is Not As Long as My…

I won’t tell you who I am, where I am, or what I’m in for…but I will share with you everything that I encounter within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, from the day that I am admitted until the day that I am released. (Names may be changed.)

I can assure you that everything you read here is true, sincere, and conveyed shortly after it happens. Because I don’t have access to the Internet within the BOP, other than their secured messaging system, I am using a confidential administrator on the outside to post my tweets and blog postings.

For those of you who may be about to enter the system yourself…consider this Federal Prison 101.  I will be sharing with you my lists of “Do’s & Dont’s”, daily meals, activity schedules, and general survival tips.

In addition to keeping my sanity through documenting my experience, I’m also hoping that this might serve as a comprehensive resource to those having anxiety about their pending incarceration.  All questions and comments posted on this site will be forwarded to my attention and I will do my best to answer all inquiries.  Please be patient as there may be various administrative hurdles preventing me from responding in a timely fashion.

All the best,

Downward Departure



  David wrote @

Do hope that today goes well. Take the opportunity to savor each and every moment. I will follow the blog with interest, and wish you only the best.

  Downward Departure wrote @

Thank you for the kind words. I am still in positive spirits. All the best to you and yours. – DD

  Evelyn wrote @

You sound like you have a lot going for you now. I can only imagine what you will accomplish ‘on the streets’. I will be following your writings. You do amuse.

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